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05-10-2021 - 17:33:44

 1 - High Priority 

HB 845 (1) Rowe, David
Act providing for transparency in public employment collective bargaining.
PLS Summary: (PN 829) The Public Employment Collective Bargaining Act provides for transparency in public employment collective bargaining. Effective in 60 days.
Companions: HB 250 (Refiled from 19R Session)
HCO1074 (M)
Position: Oppose
Printer Number(s): P0829 
Position : (Oppose)
Bill History: 03-08-21 H Filed
03-09-21 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Labor and Industry

HB 1117 (1) Rowe, David
An Act amending the Public Employee Relations Act, in definitions, further providing for definitions; in employee rights, providing for payments to employee organizations, for resignation from employee organization in scope of bargaining.
PLS Summary: (PN 1166) Amends the Public Employe Relations Act, in definitions, providing for the terms "nonmember", "independent bargaining", "affirmative consent", and "political contribution"; in employee rights, providing that a public employer shall notify all public employes in a collective bargaining unit that there is no statutory obligation by members to make any payments to the employe organization that serves as the nonmembers' exclusive representative and providing for the contents of the notice, providing that no collective bargaining agreement entered into on or after the effective date of this section may establish conditions for when a public employe may join or resign from an employe organization acting as the exclusive representative of a unit and that a public employe may resign from an employe organization at any time; in representation, further providing for exclusive representation and providing for recertification; in scope of bargaining, providing that no membership dues may be deducted from wages of a public employe except on affirmative consent of the employee within 12 months; and making related repeals. The legislation requires recertification of a union every three years through an election and provides that workers may represent themselves in contract negotiations. Effective in 30 days.
Companions: HCO1065 (M)
Position: Monitor
Printer Number(s): P1166 
Position : (Monitor)
Bill History: 04-06-21 H Filed
04-07-21 H Introduced and referred to committee on House Labor and Industry

 2 - Medium Priority 

 3 - Low Priority 

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