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  • Pennsylvania Fire Service Advisory Committee (Pro-Board)
    Oct 22, 2015

    Download: ProBoard Minutes September 15 2015.pdf

    Oct 22, 2015

    Download: ProBoard Minutes May 19 2015.pdf

    Oct 22, 2015
    Download: ProBoard Minutes December 2 2014.pdf

    Dec 04, 2013

    Download: FSCAC Mtg Mins May 2013.pdf

    Sep 14, 2012

    Download: PROBOARD MINUTES 02.17.2012.pdf

    Sep 14, 2012

    Download: Fire Service Advisory Committee Meeting 5-18-12.pdf

    Oct 28, 2011

    Download: 2011 FSAC Strategic Plan.pdf

    Oct 28, 2011

    Download: FSAC Meeting Minutes May 2011.pdf

    Feb 25, 2011

    February 24, 2010. The Strategic Planning Committeee met at 0900 hours. The Previous Strategic Plan was reviewed and proposed changes were made. Once this is approved at the May 20, 2011 meeting it will be posted. There were not enough members present for a quorum for the quarterly Pro Board meeting, as a result this was an informational session. Dave C.

    Feb 25, 2011
    Fire Service Advisory Committee Meeting
    November 5, 2010
    Minutes of the Conference Call meeting
    Members                                          Staff                                                      Guest
    Angie Ventresca                             Ed Mann                                              Mel Bliss          
    John Villa                                       Tracie Young-Brungard                       Mike McBride
    Kerby Kerber                                 Tim Dunkle
    Steve Bair                                       Todd Homan
    Herb Adams                                   
    Perry Pierich
    Sue Warchola
    Robert Fleming
    Ben Cypher
    John Eckel
    Meeting started at 0930 at the State Fire Academy.
    10 members were at the meeting and we need 11 for a quorum, but since Tracie is the Vice-Chair she is a voting member and quorum is achieved.
    Bruce Manning was excused.
    Welcome by Dr. Fleming. Elections for Chair are today. In February Task Team elections will take place.
    Minutes accepted as presented.
    Fire Commissioner Report
    Commissioner spoke about sprinklers and the budget. The budget will be tight and the SFA is running as efficiently as possible. No more cuts can happen without effecting personnel.
    Dr. Fleming officially recognized the Commissioner and a motion was made and seconded to thanks the Commissioner for this duty to the State Fire Academy and all firefighters in the state of PA.
    Fire Academy Administrator Report
    Marcellus Shale: Training is going very good and they are trying to get at least one class in every county in the shale area. The class is about 4 hours. Next year a Well Control Management class will take off, then a Tactical Operations class.
    The Capitol Budget paid for a new Tower rig and a new Pumper is coming in December. The old Tower is going to public auction. The SFA has spent 1.5 million out of the state’s capital budget for the burn buildings and fire trucks. The Capital Budget is different than the operating budget.
    HAZMAT roll outs are going well. Need to call the SFA to schedule one. The new HAZMAT will kick off on Jan 1, 2011. 
    Chairman/Executive Committee Report
    A question was raised by Dr. Fleming “As the Certification Advisory are we doing all we can to support the SFA?” We do not want to see it closed and we all need to ensure our legislatures know that the SFA cannot afford any more cuts.
    We need to ensure we are taking certification serious and to the next level; i.e. quality, delivery, technology. Need to continually look to improve certification. We have come a long way with an official Certification Manager and assistant.
    Certification Program Manager Report
    Tracie is still on the Board of Governors for IFSAC. IFSAC likes our marketing tools and she is looking for testimonials from fire fighters on what certification means to them to go onto a video.
    Tracie has submitted a application to NFPA to be considered for the new Traffic Control Incident Management Committee. Only approximately 10 states have fire police.
    Pilot programs, Inspector 1 (HACC has completed 2 pilots). Juvenile Fire Setter, two pilots were conducted at PSFA, looking at Juvenile Fire Setter 2. All pilots were successful
    Fire Police – Good meeting a couple of months ago and Tracie is going to the State Fire Police Meeting. 
    Site Inspections – Montgomery did a Driver/Operator, first “Off-Site” test done. Some issues were noted and addressed.
    Certifications in general are down and we discussed if we reached a plateau, are folks just not interested or is the cost too much?
    We need to look at the essay questions on the FF1 application and see if some can go to skill stations or the written test, if so we can take some/all of the essay questions away? 
    Discussion the skill sheets and the wording “Safely”? Everyone has a different view of what that means. Do we look at the EMS model of perhaps adopting a “critical” component on skill sheets or would that become too large of a task.
    The SFA has started electronic submission to Pro-board. The SFA is now duel certified in 21 of the 33 levels.
    We are going to get the sub-committees started again and Tracie will send out a list to everyone so we know who is on what committee.
    We have 612 participating departments in the state of PA.
    Pittsburgh project to have all members FF1 and FF2 is going very well. After this is complete they will be the only Metro Fire Department in the country that is 100% certified at both levels.
    The SFA is working on Dec newsletter. If you have any pictures or articles please submit to Tracie.
    A discussion took place about budgets and meetings. We need to condense meetings.
    Old Business: None
    New Business: We will be working on the SFA Certification Strategic Plan with February 24th being the day and the 25th as an alternate at the SFA. Try to condense quarterly meeting and strategic planning meeting, quarterly meeting in the morning and strategic plan in the afternoon/evening. Materials will be sent out ahead of time for strategic plan.
    Policy on EMS at Certification testing arose, what are we required to have on Site? Ambulance? Or response in less than 10 minutes? Or BLS person with equipment? We will think about this and come back in February and work on a policy.
    No Show Policy – Suspend person/evaluator if they do not show? Bill for no Show? Of course money up front is the way to go but each FTS should make their own rules for payment. No  need to report no shows too the SFA, policy will be revised to reflect such and bring back in February.
    A question was raised if we can test/certify someone without a SSN? SFA does not have a policy on that. IFSAC does not care and Pro-board does not care. The SFA will consult with legal and get a ruling on this. 
    Driver Operator EVDT -   The individual testing must test on the vehicle they drive. They cannot test on a pickup truck then be certified to drive an ambulance or engine. We are going to review the skill sheets and update them. Tim D. to address with ETA’s about training certificates or other ways to document. Should we make all operators have a CDL? The State Chiefs Association is against this idea. Will review in February. 
    Can you do the Certification then the written test? Yes. Motion was made and seconded that the manager come back in February with documentation on what they think.
    LMS System – We need a 5th task group/sub committee to explore the use of technology for the applications, testing etc. This is something for the strategic plan to include.
    Elections took place and Dr. Fleming was elected to another term and he accepted.
    A motion was made and seconded to destroy the ballots.
    Motion was made at 13:00 by Ben to adjourn, second by Perry.
    Future Meeting Dates
    Feb 24, 2011 FSCAC Quarterly meeting and Strategic Planning. Make-up date Feb 25, 2011
    May 20, 2011 FSCAC Quarterly Meeting
    September 16, 2011 FSCAC Quarterly Meeting- Conference Call
    November 4, 2011 FSCAC Annual Meeting
    November 3, 2011 Annual Test Site Coordinator Meeting

    Feb 25, 2011
    Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee
     September 2009
    The mission of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee (FSCAC) is to promote safety through certification within our Commonwealth’s emergency services. We will accomplish this task by providing ongoing leadership and advocacy for a statewide professional qualification system. Our efforts will enhance Pennsylvania’s preparedness and the delivery of emergency services.
    This committee will:
    · Assess the certification needs of the emergency services community;
    · Interpret standards, regulations and laws as they pertain to certification;
    · Determine the resources needed to accomplish our certification mission;
    · Provide for planning, advising and overseeing the certification program;
    · Monitor policies, procedures, evaluation methods and implementation
        the Certification Program;
    · Market and promote the certification program;
    · Ensure effective communications between the emergency services
        providers, their organizations and the Certification Program.
    · Provide certification program quality assurance.
    As a committee, we shall:
    · Ascribe to and maintain the highest standards of integrity and
    · Ensure accessibility to the system for all interested participants;
    · Use nationally recognized criteria that are fairly and consistently
    · Take a visionary approach towards pertinent, long-term issues rather than
        focusing on incidental details;
    · Conduct our business in an atmosphere of open-minded discussion and flexible
        group processes;
    · Be responsive to the changing certification needs of the emergency services
    We shall share our recommendations enhancing safety through certification with the Office of the State Fire Commissioner. By performing this mission, we will ultimately benefit not only the emergency services community, but also all Commonwealth citizens.
    Stakeholders are those individuals, groups or organizations that have a vested interest in the activities and success of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program. Understanding its stakeholders enables an organization to develop a customer-focus that is responsive to the expectations of its stakeholders.
    The stakeholders of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program can be categorized as either primary stakeholders or secondary stakeholders.
    Primary Stakeholders – The primary stakeholders of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program include those members of the Commonwealth’s emergency services community that voluntarily participate in available certification programs to demonstrate and attest to their individual competency.
    Firefighters and their families
    Other Emergency Responders and their families
    Fire Departments
    Other Emergency Response Organizations
    o   EMS
    o   Rescue
    o   Special Operation
    o   Law Enforcement
    o   Homeland Security Agencies
    Secondary Stakeholders – The secondary stakeholders of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program are those individuals, groups and organizations that are direct or indirect beneficiaries of the participation of the above referenced primary stakeholders.
    The secondary stakeholders of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program represent a diverse collection of individuals, groups and organization including the following.
    General public
    Professional Associations/Organizations
    Educational and Training Institutions
    o   Secondary Educational Programs
    o   Community colleges
    o   Other Higher Educational Institutions
    o   Fire and Emergency Services Training Academies
    o   Pennsylvania State Fire Academy (PSFA)
    o   Local government
    o   County government
    o   State government
    o   Federal government
    o   Elected officials
    Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)
    Insurance companies
    The various stakeholder groups that exist with respect to the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program have expectations with respect to the certification program and services that are offered. The expectations of each of these respective stakeholder groups, as identified in the following section of this planning document, have been considered in the development of this strategic plan.
    Expectations of Primary Stakeholders
    • Firefighters and their Families Other Emergency Responders and Their Families
      • Convenience
      • Flexibility
      • Portability of certification credentials
      • Enhancing responder safety and survival
      • Validation of skills
      • Challenging but fair testing
      • Enhanced salary
      • Promotional opportunities
      • Recognition
      • Reasonable cost
      • Marketing activities that provide complete and accurate understanding of certification process
      • Enhanced self-confidence
      • Training tied to certification
      • Remove roadblocks to attaining certification
      • Offer preparatory courses
      • Encourage additional training/certification
      • Provide mechanism for credentialing emergency service personnel
      • Integrating training and certification into higher education system of awarding college credit
    ·         Fire Departments and Other Emergency Response Organizations
      • Enhance safety of personnel
      • Cost-effective certification process
      • Positive public recognition
      • Marketable standard of performance
      • Enhanced self-confidence
      • Provide professional standard and mechanism for credentialing emergency service personnel
      • Recognition of certification in state grants award criteria
      • Validation of capabilities of individual personnel and overall emergency service
      • Establishing competency of response personnel
      • Ensuring coordination within system
      • Building credibility and trust
      • Quality assurance
      • Assessing competency of contractors
      • Recruitment
      • Justification for salary increases
      • Criteria for use in promotional decisions
    Expectations of Secondary Stakeholders
    ·         General Public
      • Public expects “the best”
      • Public deserves “the best”
      • Competency and consistency of emergency service delivery
      • Emergency responders with versatile and proven abilities to perform
      • Confidence in those who protect them
      • Cost effective delivery of services
    • Educational and Training Institutions
      • Expansion of certification offerings
      • Opportunities for Delegation of Authority
      • Source of revenue generation
      • Effective marketing of Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program
      • Quality assurance/consistency of certification offerings
      • Ability to expand/enhance certification offerings
      • Establishing instructor and skill evaluator requirements and qualifications
      • Ensuring quality of student and evaluator performance
      • Credentialing mechanism
      • Validation of training
      • Integrating training and certification into higher education system of awarding college credit
    ·         Government/Legislature
      • Local Government
        • Fulfillment of public safety responsibilities as Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
        • Cost effectiveness
        • Use of partnerships
        • Justification for certification initiatives
          • Budgetary
          • Reduction in insurance premiums
          • Risk management
        • General liability/Errors and Omissions
        • Validation of emergency service capabilities
        • Ensure emergency responder competency
        • Legal implications associated with performance of public safety duties
        • Ability to assemble specialized resources
        • Public safety communication and dispatch
        • Ensuring continuity of service
      • County Government
        • Ensure emergency responder competency
        • Legal implications associated with performance of public safety duties
        • Ability to assemble specialized resources
        • Public safety communication and dispatch
        • Ensuring continuity of service
      • State Government
        • Establish and ensure a baseline competency for emergency responders
        • Ability to identify and assemble specialized resources
        • Ability to mobilize resources for state and federal disaster deployments
        • Ensuring continuity of emergency services
        • Coordination with grant programs
        • Certification as a mechanism for credentialing personnel
      • Federal Government
        • Ability to mobilize appropriate resources
        • Establishment of a baseline competency for emergency responders
        • Coordination of system
        • Portability of credentials
        • Establishment of national credentials
        • Coordination with grant programs
        • Regulatory compliance
    ·         Business/Industry
      • Ensuring competency of response units
      • Incipient fire brigades
      • Fire brigades
      • Emergency response teams
      • Hazardous materials responseteams
      • Confined space rescue teams
      • Assessing competency of outside resources
      • Cost effective emergency response and risk management
      • Regulatory compliance
    ·         Insurance Industry
      • Claims reduction
      • Safety
      • Cost effectiveness
      • Risk management
    Program strengths are attributes that are likely to contribute to the future success of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program. The present program strengths, which serve as a basis for proactive strategic planning, include:
    1.      Full-time certification program manager and assistant manager
    2.      Expanded and variable delivery mechanisms that for previously approved certification levels
    3.      Diverse background and expertise of Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee members
    4.      Available levels of certification have been and continue to be expanded
    5.      Increased participation in certification program
    6.      Affordable cost to certification candidates and their departments
    7.      Voluntary Participation Recognition Program
    8.      Recognition of fire department certified personnel in state grant criteria
    9.      Positions the Commonwealth to be able to support federal credentialing process
    10. Number and diversity of field testing sites to including the Delegated Authorities
    11. Planned Intention to implement FESC initiatives
    12. Preparedness of program to support credentialing
    13. The major career fire departments and a growing number of other career departments that participate in the certification process.
    14. Understanding of and participation in the certification process is improving
    15. Effective use of website and communications
    16. Initiation of semi- annual newsletter
    17. Increased integration between the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program and county and regional training programs
    18. Improvement of consistency in the quality of certification testing from site to site.
    19. Accreditation through IFSAC
    20. Support of the State Fire Commissioner
    21. Implementation of standardized training and measurement program for skills evaluators.
    Program weaknesses are factors that are likely to present challenges to the future success of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program. The present program weaknesses, that must be minimized through proactive strategic planning, include:
    1.      Traditional lack of commitment, funding and support from state, county and local government
    2.      Limited incentive for individuals or fire departments to certify
    3.      Lack of upper management support for certification by fire department leadership
    4.      Limited linking of certification programs to training and educational offerings
    The environment within which the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program exists includes social, cultural, demographic, economic, political, legal, and technological dimensions. The environment presents both opportunities and threats to the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program.
    Pursuing these environmental opportunities will enable the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification program to grow and more fully meet the needs of its stakeholders. The environmental opportunities that presently exist for the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program and serve as a basis for this strategic plan, include:
    1.      Linking certification programs to training and educational programs
    2.      Providing incentives to individuals and fire departments that attain certification
    3.      Integrate certification offerings into “academy resident courses”
    4.      Tie certification activities to “Homeland Security” preparedness
    5.      More fire departments are requiring certification for hiring, membership and/or promotion
    6.      Partner with other statewide emergency service organizations
    7.      The role of certification in credentialing emergency response personnel for mobilization during state or federal disasters
    8.      Educate legislators in the interest of securing their support for the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program
    9.      Use of grant funding to support certification
    10. Opportunity to expand to offer dual levels of Accreditation through IFSAC
    Environmental threats have the potential to compromise the ability of the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program to survive, grow and fully meet the needs of its stakeholders. The environmental threats that presently exist for the Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Program and serve as a basis for this strategic plan include:
    1.      Political and other external forces
    2.      Budget reductions
    3.      Competition between state governmental agencies for scarce resources
    4.      Experiencing continued growth that is not accompanied by necessary resources
    5.      Changing state and federal laws/regulations
    6.      Lack of mechanism to subsidized the use of grant funding to off-set the costs of certification by direct subsidy to field testing sites.
    January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010 (Year #1)
    ·         Expand Certification Levels
    ·         Rescue Swiftwater
    ·         Fire Officer III
    ·         Instructor III
    ·         Inspector I
    ·         Industrial Fire Brigade
    ·         Update Existing Certification Levels (As Necessary Based on NFPA Standard Revisions)
    January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 (Year #2)
    ·         Expand Certification Levels
    o   Fireground Incident Safety Officer
    o   Hazardous Materials Emergency Medical Services - 473
    o   Hazardous Materials Incident Safety Officer
    ·         Update Existing Certification Levels (As Necessary Based on NFPA Standard Revisions)
    January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012 (Year #3)
    ·         Expand Certification Levels
    o   Public Educator II
    o   Juvenile Firesetter II
    o   Ice Rescue
    ·         Update Existing Certification Levels (As Necessary Based on NFPA Standard Revisions)
    The following individuals, groups and organizations will be charged with the implementation of this strategic plan.
    Pennsylvania Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee
    o   Test Site Quality Assurance and Oversight Committee
    o   Program Education and Marketing Committee
    o   Training/Education/Certification Linkages Committee
    o   Compliance Committee
    Pennsylvania State Fire Academy
    o   Fire Service Certification Program Manager
    o   Fire Service Certification Program Assistant Manager
    o   Test Site Coordinators
    Progress toward attainment of the goals articulated in this plan will be reviewed and evaluated annually. This evaluation process will serve as the basis for annually updating the plan.

    Feb 25, 2011
    NFPA Standard Sub-Committees
    NFPA 1001 – FFI & II
    Eric Miller – (Central)
    Bruce Manning - (Western)
    Paul Lesser – (Eastern)
    Jim Misstishin – (Eastern)
    NFPA 472 – HazMat – ( Awarness, Operations and Technician)
    Bruce Manning – (Western)
    Craig Elmer – (Central)
    NFPA 1041 – Fire Instructor I & II
    Dave Hauger – (Western)
    Perry Pierich – (Central)
    Bruce Manning – (Western)
    Kirby Kerber – (Eastern)
    NFPA 1033 Fire Investigator
    John Weer – (Eastern)
    Ben Cypher – (Western)
    NFPA 1033 Fire Inspector I
    Randy Padfield – Central
    NFPA 1002 – Driver Operator Mobile Water Supply
    Randy Padfield – Central
    NFPA 1002 – Driver Operator Arial (Straight)
    Randy Padfield – Central
    NFPA 1002 – Driver Operator Pumper
    Randy Padfield – Central
    NFPA 1035 – Public Fire & Life Safety Educator I
    John Villa – (Western)
    Richard Knect – (Central)
    NFPA 1035 – Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialist I & II
    Mary Brady –(Central) PA State Task Force/Advisory Committee
    Dan Soulier – (Central) PA State Task Force/Advisory Committee
    Randy Isenberg -(Central) PA State Task Force/Advisory Committee

    May 01, 2008
    Pro-Board Meeting Minutes from 2- 29-08
    Download: Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee Meeting 2-29-08.doc , Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee Meeting 2-29-08.doc

    Feb 28, 2008

    Download: Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee Meeting 11-16-07.doc

    May 01, 2007

    Download: Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee Meeting 2-23-07.doc

    Feb 24, 2007

    Download: Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee Meeting 11-3-06.doc

    Feb 25, 2011
    Fire Service Advisory Committee Meeting
    September 10, 2010
    Minutes of the Conference Call meeting
    Members                                          Staff                              
     Angie Ventresca                             Ed Mann                                                        
     John Villa                                       Tracie Young-Brungard             
    Kerby Kerber                                   Tim Dunkle
    Steve Bair                                         Shirley Johns
    Herb Adams
    Perry Pierich
    Sue Warchola
    Robert Fleming
    Paul Lesser
    Commissioner Mann
    Budget is $189,000 less than last year. May be asked to cut more.
    Marcellus Shale – Sept 1 started scheduling phase I classes. Phase II based on training (wild well out of Texas). Marcellus Shale is here for the next 50-100 years so taxes need set up in PA.
    Tim Dunkle – a lot going on – Marcellus Shale, cert projects, PAFED, IMT position specific training, regular training. Todd may be back in a couple weeks.
    Certification Report Tracie Young-Brungard
    Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire got grant to certify all to FFI & II. Large certification project involved. Working for Vehicle Rescue – need done by April 2011. Pittsburgh wants to be active site again and Tim Dunkle and I met with them. August 30, 31 conducted evaluator workshops – 50 present. We worked logistics – Oct 4 & 5 will run evaluators through skill stations. 18 tests are scheduled for FFI & II. This will be the first career dept that all members will be certified in Fire Fighter I & II. This is a feather in our cap and Pittsburgh’s.
    Hazleton Fire Dept – all drivers certified Driver/Operator Pumper – 18. Will be going back in November for cert tests for Aerial. It is out of their general training budget.
    Washington Co site coordinator Elliott resigned – Ronald Sicchitano is the new coordinator and Michael McBride is the assistant. 
    Participating Depts are coming along – about 600 now.
    I had a test site conference call.
    For November meeting I would like suggestions & recommendations for FFI application about the essay questions. They have created a great amount of work for all.
    HAZMAT levels – required PPE for each level. Complete equipment list for every level.
    Fleming – is there any way that we can use learning management systems?
    Tracie – drawback is that it needs to be their own work. Need to check with other accredited entities to see how they do.
    Electronic submissions to Pro Board in place. Have 2 test sites already submitted. Pro Board is willing to run reports of who they have approved.
    Pro Board has approved Rescue levels and IFSAC has approved Trench 1 & 2, Confined Space 1 & 2, Surface Water 1 & 2 and Structural Collapse 1 & 2.
    Fire Police – have met with them and are looking at curriculum and certification.
    Marketing ideas – talk to Ernie Rojahn, PA Firemen, will run regular reports for certification but all reports have to go through Maria at PEMA.
    Dave Witmer has resigned from the Advisory Board.
    Test site – must have EMS stand-by or ambulance present – resolve in November.
    Fleming – Need election committee – pre reqs are that you need to have served for 1-3 years on advisory. Will send list of members that have 3 yrs.
    Kerby – candidate handbook – skills testing; way to add that candidate must pass all 12 stations. Need to look at.
    Nov 5, 2010 annual meeting at PSFA Nov 4, 2010 test site coordinators meeting
    Motion to adjourn by Kerby, 2d Lesser. Motion carried.

    Feb 25, 2011
    Fire Service Advisory Committee Meeting
    May 21, 2010
    Minutes of the Meeting
    Members Present                                 Staff Present                           Guests            
    Ben Cypher                                      Tracie Young-Brungard             Tom Garrity
    Dave Witmer                                    Tim Dunkle
    Al Wickline                                      Shirley Johns
    Kerby Kerber                                             
    Herb Adams
    Bruce Manning
    Perry Pierich
    Sue Warchola
    Robert Fleming
    Dave Chiaramonte
    Paul Lesser
    Robert Fleming, chairman, opened meeting at 9:30 AM. He welcomed Tom Garrity, the new Fire Academy Director from Montgomery Co as a guest to the meeting.
    Motion to accept minutes as presented by Al Wickline second by Bruce Manning. One addition that Dave Chiaramonte was on conference call on Feb 26. Motion carried.
    Fire Commission is attending local firefighters funeral.
    Tim Dunkle – We are waiting to see next years’ budget – anticipate similar as this year. If we get extra, we will run ZFID this fall. There are 3 positions vacant in the commissioner’s staff – Paul Rickenbach, Robert Bechtel retired and clerk typist is open and will not be filled. Since Bechtel retired, Gary Rickenbach and Bill Ruth have split the state to cover. We added 110 new instructors.
    Chairman’s Report  - Exciting things, evaluator workshops, & pilots. Conference call – Bucks site to be reactivated as test site – FFI & II - May add additional levels later. After deliberation – unanimously move forward for Bucks to re-activate. Still need to visit test site, observe procedures & test site.
    FESHI initiative – 26 states – intent to help professionalize fire service. FESHI group meeting for six years – need to move forward. Gary Fulton is working with this.
    Certification Manager report – One test site put on provisional – test compromised, 2 other sites have problems. New test site coordinator for Northampton is Linda Speth. John Elliott has resigned from Washington and he will be replaced by Ron Sicchitano. Working on rescue to submit to IFSAC & Pro Board. Issue with Driver Operator about taking apparatus out of service to take to test sites. We can offer offsite testing for D/O – pilot Montgomery Co. Tweaking needs done. Going to check on other levels to take offsite to be tested. They need to submit a formal written request to me 90 days prior to testing.  In Sept a careers dept from Hazleton wants a P D/O test the Aerial. Pro Bd and IFSAC did not see this as a major change. Discussion on offsite testing – does not apply to FFI & II. This will help departments with finances.
    Three standards that need skills maintenance are JFS, Pub Ed, and Airport. So far it is voluntary. Discussion on skills maintenance – need to make user friendly, focus on using LMS.
    Electronic transfer to Pro Board for national. Talked to George Stapleton, test sites; what is process to transfer money. Tell candidates 7.50 will be added to cert testing cost. Getting IFSAC, Pro Bd and Nat’l certification. Collect for all applicants – if they don’t pass – it is non refundable.
    Working toward fire police certification – needed letter of support from fire police organizations; meeting in June with sub-committee. Robert Hill is the lead on this committee. Training and certifications; have committee write down job performance requirements.
    Tim Dunkle – try to steer toward challenge test, develop fire police cert program, NFPA is writing a standard.
    Cert testing integrated with courses – works well.
    Delmar does not do FFI. Lycoming wants to coordinate HMA/HMOps into Delmar.
    Only 4 sites do rescues and only a small pool of evaluators for them. Chester will get rescues – Conf Sp, V&M, T. First candidate has to get certified, then apprentice twice before can be evaluator. Allegheny wants Struct. Collapse.
    Upcoming pilots – JFS. FO3 in draft – challenge process; pumper-done a couple, HM Ops – 3 pilots to the new standards – Core, PPE, PC needed for FFI. Only 1 written for the three. We will submit for additional mission specifics. Technician will be going to IFSAC. 
    Chief Coyne is gone from Phila and Jesse Wilson took over – smooth transition. We are continuing to work on officer. Also want to bring on Pumper.
    Revised Cert Manual approved – will get out to test sites.
    Need to meet NFPA 1500 – 1582 standards. Test sites can ask for maintenance records of apparatus and breathing app.
    Marketing – Ed Mann says that we need to better market certification. Everything has to go through legal and Maria in Hbg. Paul Lesser said that local level instructors need to integrate info into local level classes. We can put frequently asked questions and answers on website for certification. Dunkle – maybe we could blast out emails to all 2500 fire depts. Witmer – what are the issues, what are we trying to accomplish? Ben Cypher recommends that we send the whole subject to executive committee for review - ideas by next meeting.
    Ben Cypher is working on investigator update – still doing more paperwork.
    Future meeting dates Sept 10, 1010 conf call 9:30 AM.
    Nov 5, 2010 annual meeting at PSFA Nov 4, 2010 test site coordinators meeting
    Motion to adjourn by Kerby, 2d Wickline. Motion carried.

    Feb 25, 2011
    Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee Meeting
    May 8, 2009
    Minutes of the Meeting for Conference Call
    Members Present                                 Staff Present                          
    Robert Fleming   CC                           Ed Mann CC                                      
    Ben Cypher CC                                 Tracie Young-Brungard         
    Dave Chiaramonte CC                       Shirley Johns              
    John Eckel CC                                  
    Kerby Kerber CC                                                                                                      
    Dave Witmer CC      
    John Villa CC           
    Angela Ventresca CC           
    Paul Lesser CC                                                                     
    Steve Bair CC
    Bob Grunmeier CC
    Bruce Manning CC                                                                                                    
    Motion to accept minutes as written by Kerby Kerber
    2d Paul Lesser.   Motion carried.
    Commissioner Mann’s report
    PEMA is trying for license for WebX.
    Out of budget – 2 million to replace apparatus and 1 ½ million for work on burn bldg at the Fire Academy.
    We will have vendors come to Fire Academy, then go out for bid. We want an estimated cost for entrance for basement and if it can’t be done; cat walk from 2d to first floor. We will get apparatus first. They took $50,000 from last yr’s budget. There is still no travel, etc.
    There will be a civil service posting for testing for Fire Service Specialist. It is a pay grade 7. David Smyth has moved on to Homeland Security position. I am hoping that adjuncts will test. We are down 2 positions in loan program and one at Fire Academy.
    Right to Know law – Voluntary fire companies must comply.
    We won on the uniform construction code hearing – all new construction on 1 and 2 family homes and townhouses must have sprinklers as of January 1, 2011.
    Furloughs should not affect Fire Academy – it is its own unit.
    Report of Chairman Fleming
    We had Ex Bd conference call – Tracie will keep the certification program moving forward even with Dave moving on. Tracie was elected to Board of Governors of IFSAC. We need to give credit to Tracie and our system.
    Herb Adams will replace Linsinbigler on the cert advisory committee but not executive board.
    Report of Certification Manager Tracie
    We had pilot for Juvenile Fire Setter – nine people, will have another in the fall.
    Pub Ed will be in Westmoreland.
    Surface Water – 17 certified in Chester Co – Fame.
    We submitted 4 new levels- Juvenile Fire Setter 1, Pub Ed 1, Fire Service Instructor 1 & 2; will send 4 more in next 2 weeks.
    HACC is now a delegated authority – we met with them to show them our system and how we process certifications.
    Working with Jeff Groves, Chester Co and site visits to other sites.
    On line testing – proctored setting – 2 hours probably will still have both.
    We have had 3 new evaluator workshops – 3 more scheduled for fall.
    Newsletter will be available June and December; it will be sent to test sites and available on the website. Ken Leid and I have been working on website to update and organize.
    Safety standard – On application for testing 1400 & 1500 – must be physically capable and mentally sound signed by chief and candidate. Chief cannot sign his application – must have alternate officer. Also, that they are covered by worker’s compensation.
    Recommendations for PPE
    List for what is required for evaluators.
    No report on task teams.
    Next meeting in August or September. Several dates will be sent out for you to choose the Strategic Planning Mtg on Thursday and regular meeting on Friday. Please send back your choices.  
    Motion to adjourn by Cypher
    Second by Eckel.

    Feb 25, 2011
    Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee Meeting
    November 13, 2009
    Minutes of the Meeting for Conference Call
    Members Present                                 Staff Present                           Guests
    Ben Cypher                            Tracie Young-Brungard                      Eric Miller      
    Dave Witmer                          Shirley Johns                                       Bill Cornell
    Al Wickline                            Todd Homan                                       Herb Nagle
    Kerby Kerber                         Gary Fulton                                         Mel Bliss                    
    Herb Adams                           
    Robert Coyne
    Bruce Manning
    Motion to accept minutes as written by Kerby Kerber
    2d Ben Cypher.   Motion carried.
    Commissioner Mann absent – still working on budget and new apparatus for Academy.
    Appointed to advisory committee – Sue Warchola and Perry Pierich.
    Gary Fulton – Report on acquiring new apparatus (pumper, quint, ladder) for Academy with 2.5 million dollar project coming from capital funding – public works will award contract by Dec 7.
    HMA & Ops – bought rights to re-produce – have $180,000 budget.
    Feshe initiative includes bachelors & graduate work
    Certification report – Tracie
    16 levels dually accredited IFSAC and Pro Board.
    Technical rescues and fire investigator were not submitted yet. Fire Inspector approved – HACC has done pilot. Computerized and hands on – 10 weeks. Evaluator Training – last this year Dec 1 at PSFA; another 3 next year.
    Web newsletter twice a year – positive feedback. Drafted new brochure – had to submit to legal.
    Task teams Test Site Quality/oversight; Program Education/Marketing; Training/Education/Certification Linkages; new one – Compliance. In the spring will discuss a chairman for new committee.
    Certification statistics over 3300 so far this year.
    Participating depts. = 555 – 38 at 100%.
    Juvenile Firesetter Program moving forward – 9 certified and now will be trained as evaluators.
    Surface water – will continue Fame/Chester Co ran one pilot/have 20 for second pilot in spring; Pub Ed I have one certified, 7 pilots scheduled. – Cambria doing D/O P; Lycoming – 26 certified.
    HACC as a delegated authority working well. Working on computer testing – see if it will function well.
    Going to do 3 more test bank reviews. National and international peers. PA knows things ahead of time and can have input. 
    Have new website – full schedule for 2010 – wide variety for certification.
    Now there are 9 levels in HM.
    Revisions in administrative manual; added dishonesty policy, waiting from legal on disciplinary actions. We made a few other revisions – add evaluator credentials, experience credentials.
    Motion to add safety and education to mission plan by Ben Cypher, second Bruce Manning. Motion carried.
    Discussed Strategic Goals – year 1, 2, 3 – some are almost completed.
    HM 473 – new standard – need new materials.
    Doing these test banks next week – swift water, mobile water, ice.
    HM Ops already OK for Core.
    New textbook does cover JPR’S – All mission specifics cross walked.
    Commissioner’s Award for work on water rescue to Fish & Boar Scott Grahn, Pat Shine and Jay Young, who is the official liaison to Fish & Boar & Academy.
    Site recognition to Franklin Center in Erie - John Villa and Vance Duncan for mixing career and volunteers.
    Motion to adjourn by Manning second by Wickline.

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